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We just got our first eggs of the season! When I was checking egg boxes this morning I saw a lot of digging(which you can see in the picture below). Digging is a great sign because when geckos lay their eggs they burry them, so right before they lay they dig a lot. But after looking through a few bins I found the first clutch of eggs from a beautiful tangerine female. They were perfect, exactly how you want Leopard Gecko eggs to look.(you can see them in the picture down below) After this I found 6 more eggs(3 clutches). 8 eggs in total for the day is not too bad! So now these eggs go right into the incubator in a container of damp vermiculite to incubate for 40-60 days. (The waiting is the hard part.) Leopard Geckos lay a clutch of eggs every two to four weeks, so now that they have started laying, the number we get each week will increase as we get deeper into the breeding season. During the peak we may get 100 eggs a week! I'm very excited about this season, lots of cool stuff will be hatching very soon. Ill be sure to keep everyone updated. 

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  • Rohman Taylor

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