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Leopard Gecko Care


Fact Sheet For Proper Leopard Gecko Care


  • Provide a hotspot of 90 degrees Fahrenheit, you can achieve this with a heat mat under the tank, just make sure it doesn't get too hot, you may need a thermostat for it. The other half of the enclosure should be room temperature(at least 70 degrees but high 70's is better) this allows your gecko to thermoregulate. Meaning when they get cold they can go warm up on the hotspot and when they get hot they can cool down on the room temperature side.

  • Keep your gecko in a 10 or 20 gallon tank. This is a good size for one or two geckos, you can also use a 20 gallon tank for larger geckos or if you want to keep a few together.

  • Provide a hiding place for your gecko, they spend a lot of time hiding away in small dark crevices in the wild, without one they can become stressed. You can get creative with this, you could use a coconut shell, clean rocks, plastic products, there are a lot of options. They also make many artificial hides that you can buy at any pet store.

  • Always have clean drinking water for your gecko. Be sure it is free of Chlorine and or other harmful chemicals, spring water is a good choice.

  • Feed your gecko every couple of days Mealworms, Crickets, or Dubia Roaches dusted with a calcium and vitamin powder. For more information on feeding click here

  • Provide a substrate of newspaper, paper towel, or reptile carpet, avoid any loose substrate that your gecko could consume

  • Spray your gecko down with water to help them when they shed. You can use a regular clean spray bottle or a pump action sprayer, whatever works best for you.

  • Be sure your gecko has enough humidity to shed. This can be achieved with regular misting or you can place a humid hide box in their enclosure. Take a plastic container, cut a hole for your gecko to get inside, and fill it with damp paper towel or damp coco fiber.


What to Avoid

  • Do not use sand as a substrate it can cause impactions

  • Do not feed your gecko wild caught insects, they can have diseases or harmful toxins that can hurt your gecko, you don't know what those insects have consumed and if they are clean or not. Always buy your feeders from a reputable source, we sell feeders here

  • Do not use a bright overhead light, it can hurt your geckos eyes, especially if they are albino and very sensitive to light, this can cause them stress.

  • Do not house two males together they will fight. However you can house multiple females together. Make sure that they are around the same size, and when you first put females together you should make sure they are all eating well together and getting along.

  • Do not grab your gecko by the tail, they can drop it and they will lose their tail. It will however grow back but not the same as it once was.


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