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The Egg Collecting Process

The Egg Collecting Process

After the initial pairings have been made and geckos begin to breed, the next step is to wait for eggs. Usually one month after the first pairing were made I start to get eggs. The first clear sign is you can see the females physically getting bigger, their sides bulge out and you can tell they have eggs developing. The next sign is they start to dig in the egg box that is in their enclosure, which is filled with coco fiber. Then they lay their eggs and cover them with dirt. When you look in the cage you will see mounding and that is usually a great sign that there are eggs there. Now it's time to collect them! I carefully move the dirt around to reveal the two white eggs. When they are freshly laid they are soft and kinda sticky however they quickly harden into what feels like a soft leather and they have a firm feel to them. Next I carefully place them in a container with damp vermiculite for them to incubate until they hatch 40 to 60 days later. 

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