How much does shipping cost for live reptiles? Shipping is a flat rate of $49.99 for Fedex Priority Overnight for up to three reptiles. This includes everything from packaging fees to the actual shipping cost, providing the safest and fastest way to deliver your gecko right to your door!

Do you have a Live Arrival Guarantee? Yes, see our terms and agreements at checkout. 

Can I pick up an animal at a reptile show? Yes, at checkout select the show that you will be attending and you may pick it up then. Please bring the purchase order with you. 

Do you ship outside of the United States? We can ship internationally to many countries, however it is very expensive and we can only do it for large orders. Please Contact Us for more information.

Do you ship to Hawaii? No we do not ship to Hawaii.

What does TSF and TSM mean? TSF and TSM stands for "temperature sexed female" and "temperature sexed male". With Leopard Geckos you can not tell the sex of the animal until it is older, however they are temperature-dependent sex determined which means if eggs are incubated at lower temperatures they will be mostly females and at higher temperatures mostly males. 


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