2016 Breeding Season Update

So I last did an update on the breeding season back in January, when it was just starting. Where I talked about what animals I was excited to produce and a brief description of some plans for the year. Now the breeding season is almost done and most of the eggs have been laid and hatched. I'm still getting a few clutches here and there but most of the females are done laying. We still have around one hundred eggs that will be hatching in the new month or so and once they do that will be it for this year.

We have hatched hundreds of geckos this year and have produced some really amazing animals. I especially love the Mack Snows and Tangerines, some of them have just been spectacular. Many of these I will breed next year to produce even nicer looking geckos. 

There have been so many exciting moments in the last few months which I shared with everyone on social media(links below), but I will be posting more blogs going in depth on some of those moments.