2017 Breeding Season

2017 is going to be a huge year, we will hatch over double the amount of hatchlings then we did last year, with even more of a selection of geckos! We will have Mack snows, Mack bell snows, tangerines, tremper albinos, raptors, aptors, red stripes, reverse stripes, eclipses, sunglows and much much more. There are a few geckos that I'm extra excited about(picture below) these two have really unique color that I hope to reproduce this year. But before all of those beautiful geckos are born there are a lot of things that have to happen first! 


Males have been introduced to the females cages and breeding as begun. The first eggs of the season will be laid in less then a month! And between 40 to 60 days after that they will start to hatch. Getting prepared for all those little babies is a big task, incubators are being calibrated and setup, it's so important to make sure they are working properly and the temperatures are stable. Egg boxes are being added to cages with damp coco fiber in them as an egg laying substrate, I find this works best as it holds humidity well. And egg incubating containers are being prepared with damp vermiculite which allows the egg to stay hydrated while incubating. We will need over 500+ deli cups to incubate all the eggs! Another very important part of the breeding process is to ensure all of the breeding females are well fed and well taken care of, to feed all of them we will go through 20,000+ mealworms a week! 

I plan to document a lot of this process, check out my social media(links below) @reptilianarts on all platforms for updates! Thanks!